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Weightlifting Elbow Pain

Explaining Weightlifting Elbow Pain    Feel like you’re being held back with your weight training because of elbow aches? If elbow twinges are causing even minor disruption to your workouts you need to address the issue and figure out what exactly is causing the pain, before it’s too late. Weightlifting elbow pain is quite common […]

Sudden Shoulder Pain

Sudden Shoulder pain – the ins and outs It is true to say we don’t appreciate how precious our shoulder joint is, and how much we use it until something goes wrong with it!  It is also the most mobile and flexible joint in the human body. The particular ball and socket joint structure allow […]

How to Perform a Sleeper Stretch

When a patient has experienced a shoulder injury or a medical condition that impacts the functionality of their shoulder, physical therapy is essential to restoring a full range of motion and getting the patient back to their regular activities. The more a patient completes their physician-recommended stretches and exercises, the sooner they will regain their […]

Elbow Bursitis Treatment and Recovery

The body is a miraculous thing— it has built-in protection systems to keep organs, bones, and other vital mechanisms safe. From eyelashes to keep dust and debris away from our eyes, to fingernails that prevent damage to our distal phalanx, each of us is born with a comprehensive set of safeguards that shield us from […]

Shoulder Cortisone Injections For Pain

Shoulder cortisone injections have been used to treat inflammation since the late 1950’s. These shots are injected directly into the affected area, and are sometimes mixed with a local anesthetic to provide immediate relief for patients who are experiencing unbearable pain. Because the medication is delivered directly to the site that is causing pain, a […]

What Tennis Elbow Exercises Should I Do?

If you have been diagnosed with tennis elbow your main objective is to eliminate any pain and strengthen the muscles of your forearm and wrist allowing flexibility (and pain-free) movement again. The use of exercises improves the blood flow to tendons and this helps in the healing process. Below are some easy exercises for you […]

Shoulder Clicking When Raising Arm

Vague descriptions, and almost identical symptoms and treatments, medical professionals sometimes have difficulty diagnosing shoulder injuries. Unless the injury is undeniably transparent, like a break or fracture, identifying the condition will take a bit of investigation and elimination. Taking into account patient history, how the injury occurred, and a physical examination may help to narrow [...