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Seattle Shoulder Surgeon - Dr. Daniel Grant Schwartz


After completing his undergraduate studies in European History at Northwestern University, Dr. Daniel Grant Schwartz stayed in the Chicago area and went to Rush Medical College where he graduated with his M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha – a national honor society for the top medical students. He then returned to Northwestern University and completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery.  Dr Schwartz’s dedication to patient care and passion to perfecting his surgical skills led him to complete not one but two years of fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery.  This is remarkable because while not every graduate from residency goes on to perform a fellowship, fewer take two years off for training, and even fewer take two years off to study the same anatomical area or specialty.  Dr. Schwartz is completely board certified (a diplomate of the ABOS – American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery), is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and a candidate member of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Society.

Unquestionable Shoulder Expertise

He spent one year in Annecy and Nice, France working with the world renowned surgeons Laurent Lafosse and Pascal Boileau learning advanced arthroscopic techniques. For example, Dr. Schwartz has the very unique ability to perform an arthroscopic latarjet for shoulder instability, which is a complex shoulder surgery most shoulder surgeons perform open (via a large incision).  The technical knowledge required to do this allows Dr. Schwartz to perform multiple other challenging arthroscopic surgery around the shoulder with increased ease.  Following the year abroad, Dr. Schwartz returned to the United States and completed an ASES (American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons) accredited fellowship in Tampa, Florida with Drs. Mark Frankle and Mark Mighell. While there, Dr. Schwartz was involved with chiefly complex shoulder reconstruction, and performed hundreds of shoulder replacement operations.

Dr. Schwartz has authored numerous book chapter publications, as well as several Pubmed referenced journal articles regarding shoulder surgery as well as a handful of articles published in the French Orthopaedic literature.  Dr. Schwartz has been named an “Emerging Leader” in Orthopaedic Surgery by the American Orthopaedic Association since 2013, and has recently been appointed to the Social Media Advisory Board of the premier journal in orthopaedic surgery: JBJS (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery).

Why Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Schwartz’s desire to become a shoulder surgeon was driven by the love of the anatomy of the shoulder, and the ability to treat most issues minimally invasively while maintaining the option (and subsequently getting expert training in) for more invasive options.  Few specialty fields in orthopedics exist where the surgeon can arthroscopically address a problem, then fix a fracture, and then perform a shoulder replacement all while using specifically/specially trained skills purposely learned in training.  Therefore the diversity of patient problems keeps work very interesting, as well as the ability to have multiple tools to help people.

Additionally, the difference between a trained shoulder surgeon performing shoulder surgery versus less intensively trained specialists was remarkable and noticeable during residency and fellowship training, so the desire to be able to expertly help people was attractive while also providing superior results to other physicians.  Finally the impact that a well done surgery of the shoulder can have on someone’s life is something very personal to Dr. Schwartz, and is a driving professional force that helps to get him out of bed in the morning.

Seattle Based Practice

Currently, he works as a shoulder surgeon at The Sports Medicine Clinic, which serves Seattle, Washington and has offices in North Gate and Ballard. Dr. Schwartz is in clinic in the new Ballard location (15th Ave NW and Leary Way, across from Trader Joe’s and LA Fitness) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Clinic is at the Northgate office (the outpatient medical enter) on Mondays and Friday afternoons.  Surgical days are on Wednesdays and Friday mornings; however, if necessary, Dr. Schwartz will add on surgical days throughout the week to decompress his schedule.  This coincides with the importance he places on “being available” to his patients, which includes being available to help them more quickly.

The Sports Medicine Clinic is a subdivision of  Northwest Hospital.  Northwest Hospital is associated with UW Medicine, and he performs the bulk of his surgeries at Northwest Hospital and the Outpatient Surgery Center.

The decision to uproot and move from the midwest to the Pacific Northwest was an extraordinarily easy one.  The milder weather and natural beauty of the Northwest has kept him busy, while not working.  When not at work, Dr. Schwartz enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with his family. Dr. Schwartz has numerous book chapter publications, as well as several Pubmed referenced journal articles regarding shoulder surgery.  If you really want to distract Dr. Schwartz discuss cooking, wine, and France with him.

Please see his CV for more specific information regarding his training, publications, and general history.