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Sports Medicine

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What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine focuses on patients that are not only athletes or weekend warriors, but also active adults that have sustained injuries from their physical activity.  We aim to treat your problems in an expeditious and thorough manner that not only gets you back to your previous level of activity, but will also serve as prevention for a potential recurrence of the injury.  Generally 90% of problems that present can usually be treated through non-operative means.

How is sports medicine different?

When athletes or active adults are hurt, they generally are anxious to receive thorough treatment that will help return them to their sports or activities as soon as possible. Our clinic has years of experience in sports-related injuries and conditions related to physical activity. We combine that expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and an integrative, team approach to care. Physicians, physical therapists and professional staff work together to develop treatment and rehabilitation plans tailored to each patient and designed to achieve the most positive outcome.

My primary care doctor told me just to rest, is there anything else to do?

Rest is indeed an important part in recovering from an injury. Resting helps to reduce pain and prevents side effects including de-conditioning or atrophy, when muscles decrease in mass and lose tone. In addition to rest, adding therapeutic exercise or treatment at the right time is important in helping you avoid re-injury. Dr. Schwartz at The Polyclinic can assess the injury and how it affects your range of motion, strength, balance, joint stability, flexibility and other factors. He can then use that information to develop a personalized care and exercise program for you, to help ensure a pain-free return to your normal activities.

What conditions do you treat?

Any condition that creates pain in the shoulder or elbow, the most common complaints that are seen in clinic are listed here.

How can I make an appointment?

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