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What is a Labrum Tear in the Shoulder?

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in the body, being made up of four bones and a network of soft tissue structures (ligaments, tendons, and muscles). They all work together to produce the shoulders wide range of motion. Shoulder labrum is a piece of cartilage that lines and reinforces the shoulder […]

Shoulder Pain from Sleeping

Waking up with severe shoulder pain really isn’t the best way to kick start your day. It can be quite alarming to find yourself waking up with shoulder pain from sleeping that wasn’t there before, especially when you go to bed fully intending to get a solid 7 hours of sleep and waking up feeling […]

How to Fix Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimming is generally considered one of the safest sports and is recommended for all kinds of health benefits including improving cardiovascular ability, improving muscle tone, rehabilitation after injury, rehabilitation for back pain sufferers or people with arthritis. In fact, swimming is one of the very few activities that actually use all the main muscles in […]