What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a type of a surgical procedure where a small camera, the size of a pencil, is placed into a joint. The camera relays the image to a monitor allowing the surgeon to see in greater detail than any study possible the anatomy within the joint. This allows the surgeon to use arthroscopy to not only diagnose conditions, but treat them.

Arthroscopy: Shoulder

In the shoulder, these include rotator cuff tears (rotator cuff surgery), impingement, shoulder instability – usually from glenoid labrum tears, biceps tendonitis, AC (acromioclavicular) problems, arthritis driven issues like loose bodies, adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder (frozen shoulder surgery), as well as even some basic fracture work. Dr. Schwartz trained with the foremost shoulder arthroscopist in the world, and can do arthroscopic procedures that few others can. For example, most surgeons perform the Latarjet procedure (a shoulder stabilization procedure) open – or with a large incision and not under arthroscopy. Dr. Schwartz is among a handful of surgeons with the technical expertise to perform this arthroscopically in the United States, and the only surgeon on the west coast who has actually performed this arthroscopically. Other challenging arthroscopic surgeries that Dr. Schwartz performs include treatment of irreparable rotator cuff tears, with novel procedures that have recently been developed – so called Superior Capsular Reconstruction as well as patch augmentation with massive rotator cuff tears; procedures that most other surgeons would offer via open or more invasive methods. Dr. Schwartz’s technically advanced expertise, allows him to easily take on any task no matter the difficulty level.

Arthroscopy: Elbow

Dr. Schwartz also performs arthroscopic procedures in the elbow. These include loose body removals, treatment of tennis elbow, release of symptomatic synovial folds (like plica), and also release of the stiff elbow secondary to arthritis in the elbow.

Take the Next Step

If you have been living with any of these issues, and want to seek a minimally invasive way of treatment, call or contact Dr. Schwartz’s office today for an appointment at 206-368-6100. Even if surgical treatment with arthroscopy seems daunting to you, Dr. Schwartz will always exhaust all non-operative and conservative measures before even offering a surgical solution.

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