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Dr. Daniel Schwartz


Shoulder Specialist

Dr. Daniel Schwartz is a renowned orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder and elbow surgery based in Seattle, WA. With over 18 years of medical experience, Dr. Schwartz has been affiliated with esteemed institutions such as Swedish Health Services and Providence. He has been pivotal in advancing shoulder surgery techniques, significantly contributing to academic publications and presenting innovative surgical procedures at international conferences (Daniel G. Schwartz MD).

How Dr. Daniel Schwartz Can Be an Essential Resource for Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers should seek the advice of Dr. Daniel Schwartz for shoulder surgery cases due to his expertise in the field and his ability to effectively communicate complex medical information in a legal setting. Dr. Schwartz’s deep knowledge of shoulder and elbow mechanics and pathology, combined with his extensive experience in surgical interventions and recovery outcomes, make him a valuable resource for legal professionals. His proficiency in providing authoritative expert testimony can significantly influence the outcomes of personal injury claims, making him an ideal partner for lawyers handling cases with intricate medical details.

Key Contributions


Expert Testimonies

Dr. Schwartz has a proven track record of providing clear, precise, and impactful testimonies in court, helping legal teams convey the severity and implications of shoulder and elbow injuries effectively.


Medical Case Reviews

He offers thorough reviews of medical case files, providing critical insights that can determine the course of litigation by highlighting the nuances of each injury.


Pre-trial Consultations

His consultations help prepare legal teams by offering a medical perspective that anticipates opposing arguments and strengthens the case from a scientific viewpoint.


Post-Treatment Insights

Dr. Schwartz can outline potential long-term care needs and costs associated with shoulder and elbow injuries, which is crucial for accurate claim valuation.

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What Cases He Has Been Part Of

Dr. Schwartz has been involved in numerous cases where his medical expertise in shoulder and elbow injuries was crucial. His insights have helped clarify the extent and impact of injuries, aiding in the accurate representation of cases in court. Testimonials from various patients attest to his profound impact on their recovery and legal outcomes, underlining his role in not only medical treatment but also in legal advisory capacities

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