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Living with shoulder or elbow pain can make normal everyday activities an agonizing experience. Here at the office of Dr. Daniel Schwartz, Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon, we treat an array of ailments and injuries. Our primary goal? To be the best orthopedic surgeon in Seattle that can help our patients relieve and manage their pain and ultimately regain mobility. We strive to award our patients with the best possible care whether it be through simple medications to relieve tendonitis, physical therapy to help restore mechanics, appropriate usage of corticosteroid or PRP injections to reduce inflammation, or surgery if necessary.

Dr. Schwartz is an orthopedic surgeon in Seattle, and has been serving the area since 2013. He takes great pride in establishing friendly patient doctor relationships, and even more pride in performing perfect work in the operating room. The difference in this practice is that you are given the priority that you deserve. All follow up is with Dr. Schwartz, not with an assistant; therefore, you will see Dr. Schwartz at each visit. Furthermore, Dr. Schwartz and only Dr. Schwartz is involved with your surgical case; there is no one training on you, only his caring hands. Finally, Dr. Schwartz is available. This translates to usually a low wait period for clinical and surgical appointments (within reason); not due to lack of volume but rather that we are willing to work the extra hours to help you and work you into our busy schedule. Patient care does need to be viewed as customer service at times! If you are a surgical patient (a patient that has not done well with non-operative management), you will not only be seen when you’d like, but you will always have his personal contact information available to you.

Whether it’s arthritis, a broken bone, sprained ligament, work-related pain, tendon tears or a season-ending sports injury, we can diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injuries to bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments.

Dr. Schwartz will commonly treat rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff tendonitis (“impingement”), acromioclavicular joint arthritis, acromioclavicular disruptions (“shoulder separations”), shoulder instability (shoulder dislocations or subluxations or popping), biceps ruptures or biceps tendonitis, frozen shoulders, pectoralis major tendon ruptures, shoulder arthritis necessitating joint replacement, history of failed joint replacement requiring revision shoulder arthroplasty, suprascapular nerve entrapment, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder fractures requiring surgical fixation or surgical replacement, clavicle fractures, and that is just at the shoulder! Dr. Schwartz only does arthroscopic (placing a small camera inside your joint and using minimally invasive small incisions) surgery around the shoulder – except for joint replacements and some fracture care. Over 90% of his surgical practice involves shoulder surgery, with the remainder focused on the elbow.

The elbow does keep the practice busy, but it usually biases to more non-operative treatments so when looking at overall cases each year, it plays a smaller role (around 10% of the surgical practice) but with clinical appointments, it is well represented. A good amount of elbow injuries do not require surgery and can be rehabbed effectively with physical therapy and appropriate anti-inflammatories. However, there are definitive surgical problems in the elbow as well. A distal biceps (where the biceps inserts after the elbow) rupture or tear should only be treated non-operatively in a low demand individual for example, and that usually results in a surgical conversation. Additionally, fractures around the elbow are treated very poorly via non-operative means due to the elbow’s tendency to become progressively stiffer with immobilization. Loose bodies inside the elbow joint are very poorly tolerated, and can be simply treated with arthroscopic (inserting a small camera inside the joint) surgery to remove the small marbles from inside the elbow. These are usually a consequence of some arthritis that has occurred within the elbow due to previous trauma.

For more information regarding complaints treated, please click on that menu item up above, as well as the FAQ can be very useful when navigating the website. If you have any other questions, again, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Schwartz. Assuming normal business hours, Dr. Schwartz should be able to communicate directly with you within one to three hours depending on schedule of the day.

Regardless of the problem, our main goal is to make your complaints improve without the need for surgery. Dr. Schwartz prides himself by using surgery as the last resort, so non-operative care is a core tenant to Dr. Schwartz’s patient caring philosophy as the vast majority of these issues can improve with non-operative care. Patients that improve with non-operative care are equally fulfilling as helping patients through an operation because either way, the patient is helped! We can also work with people of all ages to prevent injuries from occurring or reoccurring. If you would like to meet a doctor striving to be the best orthopedic surgeon in Seattle, do not hesitate and call today for an appointment, or email Dr. Schwartz directly!

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