Frozen Shoulder: Genetics

So any patient that has seen me has gotten my standard frozen shoulder talk: there is a capsular ballon between your muscles and your bones that supports the ball and socket type joint. In frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis (which if you take about the name adhesive = sticky, capsule = shoulder capsule, […]


What is Arthroscopy? Arthroscopy is a type of a surgical procedure where a small camera, the size of a pencil, is placed into a joint. The camera relays the image to a monitor allowing the surgeon to see in greater detail than any study possible the anatomy within the joint. This allows the surgeon to […]

Another Plus Side to International Training

More so than learning techniques from the best surgeons in the worldthat are seen as challenging or nearly impossible for average American shoulder surgeons, one of the greatest parts of my adventure in training that I will never take for granted are the international connections I was able to make with the next crop of […]

Hello again and Posterior Shoulder Instability

I know it’s been a bit since I posted. That is partially a consequence of my practice becoming overwhelming busy! However, I now have more help, and am making it my personal goal to show a lot of the interesting and unique cases that come across my clinic days. The following is an interesting patient […]

Surgery for Massive Rotator Cuff Tears by a Shoulder Surgeon

Rotator cuff tears often require repair, and when the surgery for rotator cuff occurs, often the shoulder surgeons and the patient have had a discussion prior regarding repairability of the tear, whether or not the tear is going to heal, whether or not the muscle health (so called fatty atrophy or degradation – or in […]

Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tendons are not always reparable, when they are they called irreparable rotator cuff tears. This can be the case with either chronic tears or massively retracted tears. A chronic tear is most commonly defined as a tear that is older than six months. Massively retracted tears are usually tears that are retracted greater […]

Ask a Shoulder Dr. – When Is The Best Time To Get Shoulder Surgery?

If you’re dealing with chronic pain or pain from sudden trauma – be it in your shoulder, elbow, neck, back, or lower body – the question many fixate on is this: do I need surgery? Despite technological advancements in orthopedic surgery that make it safer and minimally invasive (such as arthroscopic surgery that uses a […]

Overuse Injuries That Could Need Seeking the Best Shoulder Surgery

When we contemplate how injuries occur, most of us think about a single moment of trauma or forceful impact. However, many injuries are caused by overuse – the accumulation of repeated “micro-impacts” that can eventually lead to larger tears or fractures in bone and the surrounding tissues. While not as gruesome or immediately painful as […]

Prevent Winter Injuries to Avoid Elbow Repair Surgery or Worse Surgeries!

When summer begins to wind down, many folks ditch the pool floaties and look forward to their winter sport of choice – skiing, snowboarding, sledding, skating, or even just getting into a good old-fashioned snowball fight. As with most outdoor activities, injuries may be lurking around the next bend, waiting to steal your holiday joy. […]

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