What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Elbow Pain?

If you’ve been troubled with elbow woes, either from elbow pain caused by tennis elbow or surgery related pain and immobility you will know the day-to-day strain (and pain) that puts on your life! I mean, not even being able tie your shoelaces, lift a cup of coffee (never mind that tennis racquet or that computer mouse that might actually be the culprit of your problems).

Very often, what starts out as a dull pain, and one that you might easily ignore for weeks (or months), can turn into a debilitating mobility issue. The pain not only affects the elbow area but can also cause strain and restriction on hand grip and shoulder and neck movement.

But who do you turn to? What kind of doctor should you see for elbow pain? Well, if you’re reading this, you’re already in the right place! We can help you and have your problem analyzed and treated by an orthopedic surgeon (yes, that’s the kind of doctor you’ll need for elbow pain!).

Let me give you a bit of background information on my education and experience. Besides my academic path, that brought me through the Northwestern University in Chicago, where I graduated as an orthopedic surgeon, I also worked in Europe (France) and for one year I studied under the supervision of top specialists, gaining invaluable experience that I was then able to bring back to my field in the US. My unique training and wealth of experience has most definitely given me an edge and much sought-after expertise in my field.

I have two surgery centers in Seattle and split my time between both, with opening hours between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm. I understand the importance of being there for my patients and of giving my expertise opinions and reassurances face to face with the patient. Please feel free to browse our site for more information: http://www.shouldermd.com/elbow-surgery/.

We have expertise in elbow pain management and getting to the bottom of your problem is our top priority.

Who suffers mostly from elbow discomfort and how can we help?

One of the most commonly known elbow complaints is tennis elbow and, contrary to popular belief, this condition, while common in tennis players, is not unique to that category of athletes. The condition is mostly caused by overuse of the forearm muscles so can also frequently be seen in golf players and, is not uncommon among crossfit athletes because of the strain placed on the forearms during the practice of this sport.

In fact, any kind of weight lifting athlete or gymnastic athlete could potentially suffer, at some time, from tennis elbow or elbow pain. Tennis elbow is caused by overuse of the muscles which are attached to the elbow. When strained, small tears may appear on the tendons and inflammation can develop.

Treatment for elbow pain and tennis elbow usually involves some form of physiotherapy and management of pain with anti-inflammatory medicines.

However, in extreme cases, when all possible treatments have been assessed, surgery may be necessary. My expertise as an orthopedic surgeon will guarantee not only that surgery is being carried out only if necessary, but also to the highest standards and with the assurance of the best possible outcome for you. Individual situations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and every possible scenario will be examined before the option of surgery is taken. The success rate for elbow surgery is very high and you will have the highest quality experience with the best surgeons in their fields if you need to go down that road.

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